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Sukamade The Trutles Beach

The principal object of this adventure tour is watching the turtles laying their eggs on a virgin secluded beach which is well-known as SUKAMADE BEACH.  Before searching for the turtles you will pass through the tropical lowland rain forest of Merubetiri national park. The peak season for green turtles (mostly found laying their eggs on Sukamade Beach) is on during the wet season but usually,

Ijen Crater and The Blue Flame

Ijen crater the most beautiful volcano in Banyuwangi East Java because of the Blue Flame and the lake and also the sunrise. Observe the hard life of sulphur miners carrying sulphur rocks from deep down in the crater floor. They carry about 80 – 100 kg of sulphur rocks up to the crater rim and walk down about 3 km to the foot of the hill.

G-land Tiger Track Surf Trip

Make your way to G-land Tiger track surf trip with Us, Tiger Track is very suitable for Beginner & Intermediate also advance, right and left-hand breaking, easy to paddle out, mellows waves with 50 to 70 meters long with best swell 2-4 feet or 3-6 feet will be challenging, but when is low tide we have to be careful is because the reef,

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