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If you have a plan to visit Banyuwangi, the first thing that comes to your mind might be Kawah Ijen Banyuwangi, but there is also a tourist spot that is no less popular in the area, namely Pulau Merah. As one of the most beautiful beaches on the southern coast of Banyuwangi, this beach has great potential to offer tourism for fans of the beauty of the beach. This is because the beach is able to present a beautiful and exciting charm that makes you lose if you just miss it. Called the Red Island Beach because it is still associated with a hill that reaches 200 meters high, not far from the beach. The hill is very distinctive, because the soil is red. Although, the red soil is not clearly visible because it is already covered in green plants. Previously, local people called this beach as Ringin Pintu Beach. However, more and more visitors are making the name of this beach increasingly known. So, seeing the tourism potential, the local government finally managed and gave a new name to the beach, as the name is known today. Not only that, the government is also trying to increase the tourism potential around the coast by building and adding a number of supporting facilities. One of them, is the access to Red Island Beach which is easier at this time. Then, there are also other facilities that make visitors feel more at home, such as lodging and toilets. The development of this beach began in 2001, so now it has been successfully recognized as an international tourist destination. Although it was devastated by the tsunami in the 1990s, this beach remains one of the leading tourist destinations in Banyuwangi, East Java.

What are The Red Island Tourist Attractions ?

The development of this beach began in 2001, so now it has been successfully recognized as an international tourist destination. Although it was devastated by the tsunami in the 1990s, this beach remains one of the leading tourist destinations in Banyuwangi, East Java.

1. Selfie on the Beautifull Beach

When you first set foot on this beach, you will be amazed by the unique charm of this tourist spot. This is because the beach looks beautiful with the addition of the Red Island hill. Especially when you visit when the sea water is receding, then you can immediately walk to the Red Island hill and see a panoramic view of the natural beauty near the hill. Not only that, this beach also offers views of the stretch of sand up to three kilometers with the afternoon sky that looks perfect. Clean white sand with a soft texture allows children to play in the sand on the beach. So, you must bring your family to visit this location while on vacation. In fact, this beach is also very gentle, making it suitable for visitors who are interested in enjoying their time at the beach by relaxing. Around the beach there are already many umbrellas and chairs lined up to pamper the visitors. Plus, the waves on this beach are not so strong. So, it is very safe for children who want to play in the water. Around the beach, visitors can enjoy all the delicious snacks because there are already hawker vendors to accompany the visitors’ leisure time. With all the beauty that this beach has to offer, it’s no wonder that many travel agents choose this location as one of the objects in the tour packages they offer.

2. Enjoy the Sunset

Pulau Merah Beach is arguably the best sunset in Banyuwangi. The sunset here really looks beautiful and reddish-orange in color, combined with a beautiful beach panorama. Generally, tourists aim for the afternoon to visit Red Island so they can enjoy the beautiful sunset while sitting relaxed on a beach chair.

3. Surfing

Although Banyuwangi has Plengkung Beach or what is known as G-Land as the best tourist destination in the world for surfing activities, you should also try surfing activities on Pulau Merah Beach. Many visitors find it exciting when they spend time riding the waves around the beach. If you visit at the right time, the waves on the beach will provide an extraordinary surfing experience. The reason is, the best waves on this beach can reach a height of up to five meters. Moreover, this beach is also included in the waters area with not too many rocks. So, surfers can channel their hobbies safely. Besides G-Land, it turns out that Pulau Merah Beach is also one of the mainstays of the international surfing competition arena,

4. Fishing

Another exciting activity that you can do as a visitor at Pulau Merah Beach is fishing. There are many fish that you can fish from the beach to the middle of the sea. If you want to fish in the middle of the sea, then you can immediately rent a fishing boat. However, you have to prepare your own fishing equipment from home because this beach does not provide fishing equipment rental.

5. Watch the traditional ceremony of Banyuwangi

Want to try other activities at Pulau Merah Beach? You can still do other activities such as visiting Segara Temple. The temple is still actively used by local people, especially Hindus as a place of worship. If you are lucky because you visited the location at the right time, then you can witness religious ceremonies or celebrations such as Melasti, or the Mekiyis Ceremony which is carried out around the beach. The existence of the temple is also one of the attractions of foreign tourists, because it makes its location similar to a beach in Bali.

6. Get authentic foods

Another activity that you can do as a visitor at this tourist spot is to enjoy the culinary available. When you enter the beach area, you will not feel hungry, because there are already many typical foods of the Banyuwangi people such as Rujak Soto, Rawon, Rujak Meatballs, and other delicious specialties. Of course, there are still so many activities that you can do during your visit to Pulau Merah Beach besides all the activities above. Henceforth, you are also required to know other information related to this tourist spot, starting from the price of the entrance ticket, the route to the location, and operating hours.

7. Explore the sea

Red Island Beach visitors can also do other interesting activities such as enjoying the sensation of riding a boat. The trick is to rent a traditional boat owned by local fishermen. This activity is very suitable if you come to the location for a vacation with a group or family. You can directly chat with local fishermen and bargain for how much to rent a boat. Then, choose which fishermen dare to offer the lowest prices. Each boat can be boarded by eight to ten visitors. Not only around the beach, you can also fish but you have to bring your own fishing gear.

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